Hi! I’m Lotti (Charlotte seems to only be used when I can’t find the hubby’s house keys)

From Las Vegas to China, I’ve travelled the world over the last 12 years both selling and delivering exceptional route development events for thousands of aviation industry colleagues.

Whilst on maternity leave with my youngest son, I launched myself into study! It has kept the baby brain at bay, I think. I do find my pen inside the fridge from time-to-time. The course I decided to take is the RHS Level 2, Principles of Horticulture via distant learning (online) with the Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh.

Now I guess I can refer to myself as a trainee horticulturist, but I am probably getting wayyyyy ahead of myself, as usual.

I garden at home, together with my husband and eldest son (he loves gathering the flowers which I have dead-headed), in our border in our back garden. 2018 was the first growing season where I really felt a connection with the garden. When there is a lot of noise around you, emotionally, it really does bring you a sense of calm.

Growingalotti is two things;

1. A photo blog – where I can bring my studies to life. Studying solo, and learning only via reading and writing can be very isolating! So not always the prettiest of photos, but certainly informative. You can find me on Instagram @GrowingAlotti (and twitter)

2 . A written blog. If you like a good story, have a place in your heart for horticulture, and are interested in the goings-on of the life of the horticulture student, then sign up!

Thanks for joining me!


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